Merry Christmas to everyone here.


Life it is a bridge…

“Life it is a bridge of opportunities.”

Opportunities for everyone, are around the corner. We have the tendency to overlook our potential in a diminished way, instead of seeing on a positive way to every area of this life.

The capacity of our brain to think and develop new skills, new ideas, new outcome on resolving problems it is innumerable. This is the way I see it every day. We can conquered this life, every single step of the way.

Life for example on a new baby learning to walk, must first crawl, then little by little even it felt, he will develop the courage to stand up many times until the first step without aid come up.  Since the beginning from arriving to this earth. Determined.

Yes, every single one of us, has this potential. Why not to apply the same concept on the daily task. This is what it happens. The memories from the past stay there in the past, load up with new concepts, learning and skills.

So many times we seek for help outside from our comfort zone, instead of looking deep inside from our many bridges that we had pass. Every single learned skill, it is a bridge that we had conquered.

This bridges, I called skills. Developed long time ago. Why we have the ideal that we do not need it no more? The fantasy of a new ideas, coming from everywhere. Make us create new path ways on our brain. Called “Neuroplasticity.”

I invite you to read 30 minutes every day, this will help your brain to develop new paths of thinking. Our brain it is a muscle that needs to be exercise like any other muscle of our body. “My mother used to said, your brain is a muscle put it to work.” 

What a beautiful breaches the Man Kind have been created, and continue to build every single time. When there is a book, a remarkable history, a movie or so on created, and have been reach the rest of us, we are creating new path ways on our brains.

One of my favorites speakers that have called my attention on this area of my life.    It is Mr.  John Assaraf a researcher on neurogym. Let’s get make new connections where we can have a better life, a better world for everyone.

All the credits to whom ever take this picture about the Niagara Falls, I have been in there, but not crossed that bridge yet. bridge Niagara Falls

Leafs of Love

I used to collected leafs inside of reading books.pexels-photo-320266.jpeg

It came to past for me, that the last months traveling along the childhood age, I remember that I used to collected leafs on my books. Leafs that some times had a name or hearth shape trying to fit the love of my dreams. The romantic novels that I used to read long time ago, inspired me to dream and idealized the type of charming prince one day I will have on my life. Not so sure when that it happened, but get lost on track for what had dreamed for a while. Mean while the father figure that I saw on my early age give the glimpse of the picture of a man, outside in the field. What we call the world. My perspective of view of  how we think and act. That’s why I would love to show you this. How our tough create our emotions, and we react according to this toughs. From this toughs and emotions, within the respective time become the habits, that they lead to circumstances on our lives. The love of our lives, it is pictured on it, and we created an image. We ended up on the total opposite of this dreams we use to have when we was a teenagers. To surpass the ideologist dreams,  we create a very new image on our heads thinking that, this person that you meet in a real life it is going to be, like that, that the one exactly we pictured way back, and in certain way it will be willing to make does  changes, the certain things that we desire to be part of that important personality and image of the other significant person. As an individual does ideals, tough and emotions, become habits that took me to the circumstances that I have lived and deal it with for many years.  Not long ago, I end it up realizing that those ideals never mean to be, or happened. What I mean is this, it is not easy but possible to understand our own self, if we keep track of what we are seeking on the opposite person. For years I tough that as much I keep doing it, and asking for this changes, this person never have or will be accomplished to take the necessary steps to change its character or his own view of life, to the way I see it. This means not been on the same so-called page. My grandfather used to said to me when I was so little. That every head is a world. ( their own world.) I never understood that until many years later. The ideal of they’re preset mentality and tough implanted on their head,  within the childhood time it is imposed by the past generations. How they lived. How was rise by their own parents and family too. Then never the less this changes, never happen. These lead to the miss conception of the new reality as couple to become. Either a female or male counterpart. As our on individual character, we will never be defined by others own tough, instead we will be defined for what we think, what we desire to dream, and put on our hearts and our minds, That is what is going to lead our present every day. Also for what we look forward to achieve as and individual looking for a meaning on our own lives. It is up to the individual how will seek for love, and defined on its own world. Love, live and laugh. Be happy every day. Life is too short to be stock in one single place. New toughs, will lead to new emotions, which will become new habits, that will create new circumstances on our own lives.


A Leader Of My Own Actions.

Self Education.

What I have learned trough the past seven years, it is this phrase from  our renowned.

Philanthropist “Jim Rohn.”


Why is so important to reach out to our own children, let them know that there is a plenty educational material, trough libraries, trough videos, trough the technology we use on a daily basis. Most of all, recall them to view our future.

The future generations, must harden their self with this type of mentality, our educational system does not teach network marketing the way I have learned on this last seven years.

Difficulties may arise, to our future generations, when our industries of sales, shipment, send and resend variety of products, will be replaced by robotics.

I want to create a conciseness mind to the parents, whom have children in the school at present moment, lets give a tray to read a book chapter a day. That will help your bank of work knowledge faster.